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Being a record collector, I'm always on the lookout for a yard sale where I can find something new to add to my collection, and if I'm really lucky, maybe a real treasure, that the owner doesn't know the value of. So as I'm cruisin' I see something else that I also like to collect, a tiny white girl just standing around, looking bored, needing a huge black dick to show her the way to enlightenment! It isn't hard to convince her that she needs to come with me and help me out by starring in one of my "private" videos for my "private" use only. It always amazes me how easily they fall for that one! Once back at the crib, she's peeling off her clothes in record time, and showing off her petite girl parts. She takes to sucking my black trouser trout immediately, and soon it, and her wet pussy are ready for some penetrating action! After I stretch that mini-poon to epic proportions, I kneel her down and unleash a torrent of dick-lava in her mouth, and on her cute face! Add another one to the collection!

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Member Skeet**** Said:
Amen brother, I would be a lifetime subscriber!

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little girlies like her need to be gb w/ only bbc's like this, and trip pened by bmen twice her age. make a web site that does this and i wood never leave.

Member harha**** Said:
Hillarious thing about these videos is this guy fucks so many bitches they cant even make him cum anymore.. hes gotta jerk off onto everyone of them =/

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young stuff like this should always be with older black studs! work the opposites and the contrasts! 500% hotter

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A sexy 90lb blond slut staring in awe at a gigantic black cock the size of her face is the sexiest thing I've ever seen!

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wow he makes me feel like a shrimp dick i wish that was my girlfriend

Member beerb**** Said:
Nothing is slutier than a thin blond sucking and fucking a black man. More of her,...

Member daddy**** Said:
Nice to see a well-mannered girl-next door type making like a good girl with her new freind. Heart-warming! Are we ever going to see sweet little Alexia doing an interacial blow bang I wonder? This petite princess would look the business surrounded by a forest of jizz-spitting cocks. I just know she'd bring them all to attention in no time...

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