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Ami Emerson should be babysitting or doing some line of work to avoid these mean streets. It looks as if her boyfriend has fucked up big time and I'm going in for the kill. I couldn't wait to beat up that pussy until it got dark red and throbbing. The things I would do to her back at my place were playing through my head and my verbal skills got her in my car in record time. Back at my place she went to the bathroom so I made sure to check her ID's and my big black dick was moments away from vaginal penetration. My breathing got heavier and heart was racing as she got naked and pleasured herself as her eyes rolled in the back of her head. It would be easy as pie to get her to engulf my black cock with her mouth and I was doubtful she'd be able to slide my black baseball bat deep into her womb. She went face down as ass up which is the way I love to fuck and this interracial sex lover was getting fucked in ways she never got from her boyfriend. His limp white dick is now in the doghouse as well as any other white boys who think they have a chance with Ami Emerson. She's now a 100 % interracial sex lover but she won't love what I've done with the video.

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This girl reminds me of an old girlfriend I had that couldn't get enuff cock. I wonder where she is now. . .probably out fucking big black dicks.

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