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Good things come to those who wait. I wasted so much gas as I cruised several neighborhoods until I encountered this white girl named Chastity Lynn. Inititally she didn't want to hear a thing I said until I mentioned that I'm a collector of porn that I star in along with whatever white sluts I can coax into getting into my place. I had all the ammunition I needed in order for her to drop her panties and her nervousness: The bulge in my jeans that she couldn't help but notice. After some nice rubbing she unzipped my pants and her jaw nearly dropped because nothing could prepare her for the task at hand. Fuck, her forearm isn't as long as my dick but she was up to the task of stuffing my big black dick past her tonsils and into her stomach.She would suck for a few strokes and pause to ask me if this video would truly never make it to the Internet. I told her what she wanted to hear and she gave me what I wanted to fuck; that ONCE tight wet pussy which I nearly destroyed the cervix of but that's to be expected with white girls who never really dabbled in interracial sex. Holla at me and tell me what you think of Chastity Lynn as well as the popshot I doused her with!

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NULL Member akira**** Said:
yo i second pablo a threesome with sara jay i fap heaven to me

NULL Member pablo**** Said:
love this little about putting her with a hot milf like sara jay in an threeway anal

NULL Member beerb**** Said:
Chastity is so sweet, yet slutty. Beautiful girl 10 for her!

NULL Member yvand**** Said:

NULL Member mhark**** Said:
this girl is fantastic,she took that whole cock and beged for more.i loved it.

NULL Member frank**** Said:
She came 6 times! Awesome scene. John E. Depth is a total pro... how he didn't cum from all that sucking and fast stroking/jerking is beyond me. I would have lost it before getting to the pussy.

NULL Member Racke**** Said:
This girl is so beautiful with her loving smile.Fantastic!

NULL Member hvitp**** Said:
This by far the best scene in this series! 10!

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