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Member Rating: 9.23 Courtney Taylor - Date Added: Friday, 09/10/2010
I was just minding my own business when I was approached by blondie. She said she recognized me from my time on camera turning white holes into caves of black meat. She didn't seem to shy away until I asked her to be in my elite collection of personal interracial porn. Her beautiful brown eyes lit up like a Christmas tree when I told her my dick could be too much for her to handle. I found out her name is Courtney Taylor and and the time for talking was over. With a hard black dick in my pants I drove fast enough that another ticket would have violated my probation. Back at the crib we got to foolin' around. I sat down and she unzipped my pants and the look on her face said it all. It felt as if I was sticking my black dick into the hole of a key chain since her mouth was tiny as fuck but she relaxed her throat and I was deep inside. The shy girl I met 20 minutes before was now a dirty talking slut while she used both hands to stroke my salami. I had to test drive that white pussy so I tickled her clit with the tip of my dick until I could see her breathing getting progressively faster. My fat black balls slapped the shit out of her clit as my cock took liberties with that pussy. Her perfectly shaven pussy greeted my black dick like a long lost friend and I hit that shit from front to back. She kept worry about this showing up on the Internet but black dick makes white girls easily forget major things like that. I dropped my tsunami of black jizz on her face while promising that these pictures and videos would be for my eyes only. Yeah, I lied. It was bomb ass pussy, though.

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Here's what the members are saying

Member hoboh**** Said:
My favourite cuckold scene on this site - love how she talks to the camera

Member beerb**** Said:
When I hear Blacks on Blondes, this is the type of girl I think of!

Member zzdoo**** Said:
Beautiful girl.. Hot scene.

Member sdogg**** Said:
Courtney looks perfect in this scene (as always) unlike some of the comments, I love her tits. It's great to see the POV style BJs on these black monster cocks.

Member balla**** Said:
love it great job

Member jackt**** Said:
Ice Cold sucks compared to Flash Brown. Seen Kiera with Ice and she was beyond frustrated with him. Dude looks like he is half asleep, barely moving his ass. Flash is the one that girls are starting to follow and fave. Even Tori follows him and I think that is one of the few guys in the industry that she faves.

Member eemac**** Said:
Her tits are cross-eyed!!!!!!!!

Member WHILE**** Said:
this was a great shoot - Flash and Courtney - good contrast - dialog - slow and moving at just the right pace.

Member josh2**** Said:
why do the tits look weird

Member dalec**** Said:
Put her on Blacks on Blonds with Ice Cold.

Member pools**** Said:
best looking girl on here!!! nothing short of amazing!!

Member y7890**** Said:
I can't get enough of Courtney. Perfect face and amazing tits!!!!

Member morti**** Said:
there is only one flash brown

Member billb**** Said:
Dam she's a hottie, her eyes are hypnotic & that body..oh..oh..oh proves that small tits can be very sexy..I don't think she needs to change nuttin oh shit there I go..O O O oooooo.

Member Miche**** Said:
Superior Big Black Bulls like Flash demand only the most premiere beautiful white girls, and Courtney certainly is in that category with most beatiful looks, especially her tits which are firm and perky. Flash is the Alpha Male for all sexy white girls! Great video!

Member pornd**** Said:
I agree her tits look weird,...but the rest looks decent

Member Garve**** Said:
I don't like the small size images.

Member cmhen**** Said:
anyone else think her titts are wierd?

Member cccge**** Said:
Amazing scene!!

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