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Member Rating: 9.23 Emily Eve - Date Added: Thursday, 11/10/2011
Emily Eve came to me saying that she had never done nude modeling before. I had to see what this girl had on beneath her slutty clothing. I knew those titties had to be amazing . That ass? I'm way ahead of you on that. The only catch was that she couldn't find our personal interracial romp on the internet or it might destroy her family. I said and did anything that it would take to get her naked and completely vulnerable. My place was relaxing enough for her to show off that thick booty as I snapped some pictures. In between pictures and video she kept reminding me not to show off this ebony and ivory fuck-a-thon. Emily got on her knees and rubbed my big black mandingo cock to the point where it damn near poked through my pants. White girl gave some bomb head and could barely get the tip of my dick in her mouth. Hahaha, I love when these white girls are overwhelmed by my size. After Emily's jaw was permanently realigned , I stufed my massive sausage into her moist hole. After all, she got ready by masturbating as I tried my hardest to keep my HD camera from dropping to the floor. Emily got more and more relaxed with each passing minute and I was soon balls deep in that white pussy. Emily's eyes locked with mine and I almost shot my load too early. Emily laughed at that and said premature ejaculation is a white affliction. I kept slamming my pelvis into her's , and her eyes rolled into the back of her head. That white pussy had a death grip on my black cock which nearly caused me to lose my mind once again. I had to get one more glimpse of that beautiful ass, so I hit that pussy from behind as her eyes kept focusing in on the red light on my camera. Emily begged for me to shoot 12 inches of molten lava all over her face. Emily Eve also pleaded with me to refrain from showing this interracial porn on the internet. Just look at the footage; can you blame me for not keeping it to myself?

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Here's what the members are saying

NULL Member monop**** Said:
The Scene is hot as hell, but the picture in the preview makes her look waaaay less cute than she actually is. I hope to see her return for every possible site.

NULL Member askhj**** Said:
need 2 get her on blacksonblondes gangbang & interracialbrobang, she's perfect!!

NULL Member tman3**** Said:
Really good scene. Just love that baby blue fishnet outfit. One cute slut. How about bringing her back to do an anal BBC (Jack,Mandingo,Shane,Lex,Byron Long...) gb with all the trimmings (dripping creampies etc.). Really looking forward to you guys pulling that off. Thanks.

NULL Member Rikki**** Said:
Another Great Scene. Lovely Redhead worshiping BBC. Gotta love it guys.

NULL Member zzdoo**** Said:
I wish she had begged for that bare back cock by taking off a condom!

NULL Member lefto**** Said:
this girl definatly did the right thing by signing up for this!!!!!

NULL Member cheye**** Said:
Would love to see that jet-black long thick cock up my wife Gloria ass n cunt.

NULL Member harv0**** Said:
Emily is amazing! She takes that huge cock in her mouth like a champ and then bends over to get fucked from behind. Red hair and freckles contrasted with a jet-black cock. Fucking awesome!!!

NULL Member diese**** Said:
you guys need to bring her back with mandingo for blacksonblondes

NULL Member lilyt**** Said:
would love to see her on InterracialBlowBang.com

NULL Member jopai**** Said:
Wow...I've been away for a few months. Interracial Pickups is my favorite. This scene is the reason why... Just a beautiful, intimate experience watching this Beauty try tame that Dingo Beast!!! Simply very hot...! Glad to be back!!

NULL Member preve**** Said:
What a fuckin scene!!!

NULL Member q2345**** Said:
Emily is beautiful. Nice shoes, she should have left them on.

NULL Member tafac**** Said:
need more of her

NULL Member JKwon**** Said:
Please bring her back on another site...she looks so innocent but she loves the black cock...she needs 2-3 cocks.

NULL Member dalec**** Said:
Liked this scene, but Please don't let Allie James get away with out a scene here with Mandingo.

NULL Member juno6**** Said:
Wow, what a fantastic ass Emily's got!!!

NULL Member rondd**** Said:
Damn Emily is sexy as fuck. And you can tell she wanted that dick. Greedy ass white girls lol

NULL Member rondd**** Said:
very sexy goddess. Definitely need more of her!!!

NULL Member zzMic**** Said:
Great Scene!!!!:)

NULL Member dummy**** Said:
Another scene that would have been sooo much hotter if he had just left it in her and creampied her.

NULL Member beerb**** Said:
Get her for the Blowbang site.

NULL Member desro**** Said:
Love the freckles! How white!

NULL Member ironm**** Said:
Emily has a beautiful face, but those tattoos has ruined her sexiness, what a shame.

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