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Rilynn Rae's infatuation with my work only made it easier to add her to my collection of white whores I've fucked. I saw Rilynn on the street and she immediately knew who I am. I could tell from her nervous laughter that I would have to do a little work in order to get her sucking on my big black cock. I made her a promise that our little interracial encounter would never see the light of day. I lied. Who cares? I said what needed to be said so that Rilynn Rae would be naked in my crib and at my mercy. Rilynn got naked (slowly) and the same nervous laughter came from her beautiful face: I knew I was minutes away from getting a blowjob from this honey. I kept the camera on while Rilynn Rae worked from the tip of my big black cock to the base. I kept as steady as fuck while Rilynn Rae sucked on as much of my massive black cock as possible. I kept reminding her that this footage would be for my eyes only. Once Rilynn was reassured, she got on my big black cock and rode me until her thighs slammed against mine. I nearly busted early because that white pussy was the bomb. I spread her ass cheeks apart so I could get better video of her white pussy spreading for my black cock. I had this bitch suck her pussy juice off my dick right before hittin' that shit from behind. I kept pumping away and her pussy got looser and looser with each passing minute. The only thing left my our little homemade interracial porn was my depositing my thug juice all over her face. I'm gonna switch my phone number so she can't give me shit for releasing this movie to ya'll.

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NULL Member tman3**** Said:
Another hot slut candidate for an all-star BBC (Jack,Shane, Mandingo,Lex...) anal gb. How about it fellas?

NULL Member zzdoo**** Said:
Still hoping for more videos in this theme. The condom removal was the hottest thing ever!

NULL Member longj**** Said:
Hell, I'll let my wife Gloria suck it deep and bareback fuck in the pussy and asshole with that humongous black cock..and sneak in the internet just to show off her big black cock cravings for all to see...

NULL Member teren**** Said:
Honestly Lex, I think this girl has fallen in love with you ! I. UTTERLY LOVED IT. When she peeled the condom off the BBC .....and said the words ' I want to feel you bareback '! Very sexy girl....

NULL Member zzdoo**** Said:
Still my fav scene.. Wish you had some more reluctant barebacking though, that shit is hot!

NULL Member shove**** Said:
please bring her back with ice ,he knows howw to fuck a hot white bitch properly .when he gets done with them they know they have been fucked the rite way.

NULL Member Redwi**** Said:
condom scene is really hot

NULL Member bluew**** Said:
Nice camera work on this one! Lovely tits and great enthusiasm. Let's see more of this lovely lady!

NULL Member bwcho**** Said:
what a lovely cunt.

NULL Member longj**** Said:
hey gloria, get on your hands and knees n bend over big spread at a 45 degree angle and enjoy that big black cock deep...

NULL Member longj**** Said:
Hell I'll let my wife gloria stuff that thick snake DEEP!!!!!!in the ass bitch whore n enjoy

NULL Member gtv14**** Said:
Great scene - a classic PU video shoot. err, as they would say - Money In The Bank!

NULL Member donpe**** Said:
with few exceptions, none of these gal have big tits, that's a turnoff

NULL Member cheye**** Said:
That cock is heading to the inside of the belly button, "Deep".

NULL Member lefto**** Said:
yessss, this is soooo great, I'm so glad I'm a member again

NULL Member bluew**** Said:
This is a dogfart classic. The lady is a keeper. She knows how to work the camera while still being sexy. Great tits and body. Playful. Let's see more of Rilynn!!!

NULL Member lobob**** Said:
I like it but please bring SHEENA SHAW

NULL Member jfr21**** Said:
this chick is smoking

NULL Member bbwhi**** Said:
gotta second that, more condom removal! very hot, next time have her take it off in the middle of fucking, then the creampie

NULL Member zzdoo**** Said:
You guys should do a whole theme site on reluctant barebacking.. Talking the girl into no condom, condom removal, just overall play up the fact that she's fucking some stranger without a condom.. Dirty hot!

NULL Member marik**** Said:
hot brunette..pls bring her back !! And Lex delivers as usual ..Wow Rilynn !!

NULL Member jopai**** Said:
dammnnn/// about this bitch gets me off...obviously she is fine. But her sensuality...Great to see a pro like Lex still wrecking that white pussy. I agree with with west and brio. A creampie and the dingo would be a nice scenario for Rilynn. Man she can take some dick Diesel and Lex ..not bad. But you got to hand to Lex...probably the best money shot I have seen in long while. What an explosion! I still think the chemistry was a little off though. John is still the best at this scenario. Where is John these days....

NULL Member zzdoo**** Said:
fuck man, the condom removal was HOOOOT.. Almost made me cum right there. MORE of that, please!

NULL Member hotma**** Said:
we want anal

NULL Member west7**** Said:
She looks fantastic!! Would like to have seen her get a creampie. More of her in the future.

NULL Member press**** Said:
If you put more like her [and of her on here], I'll be a member for life.

NULL Member bbrio**** Said:
wow! can't wait to see her in more. Mandingo next! lol

NULL Member aloha**** Said:
You can fuck my wife as long as you promise not to put it on the internet too. LOL!

NULL Member etter**** Said:
Is this category-site completly banned for A N A L??????!! Prns. A,N,A,L-ANAL !!

NULL Member ccjav**** Said:
Hell is so close to heaven... but she is definitively on the heaven side... fuck the hell

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